ICT Equipment Supply & Leasing

Through leasing or outright purchase, we supply and install a comprehensive range of IT equipment. We offer input, output and storage devices from a long list of trusted brands to suit your preference.

With PC-Soft, you have both the option of leasing and outright purchase. As a professional equipment leasing company, we are able to provide optimal IT solutions for customers seeking an economical approach to enjoying the benefits of the latest in technology. We lease the latest computer hardware and peripherals with advanced communication and security technologies to deliver increased network productivity for overall system effectiveness, increased utilisation and easier access to critical data.

Our flexible leasing options give you the choice to purchase the equipment at a fair price at the end of the lease, or continue leasing, or renew the lease with an upgraded set of equipment. What you get is the most advanced equipment to get optimum benefits from our IT solutions with minimised risk and at reduced cost.